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Hardware, Embedded Systems Leo Apotheker has big plans. HP (relatively) new CEO wants to transform the company, and is willing to break with almost everything his predecessor Mark Hurd set out. How about webOS on every computer shipped by HP?
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WebOS for NON geeks, but that's okay
by Sabon on Wed 9th Mar 2011 22:45 UTC
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Keep in mind that 90% of all computer users are NOT geeks or nerds. They couldn't care less about everything that geeks and nerds care about.

They care about simple things like, can I get to my email. Can I get to Facebook. Can I Tweet? And other things that absolutely do NOT need Windows or any other "heavy" OS.

Think I'm wrong? Ask your non geek/non nerd family members what THEY care about when it comes to computers. You may be surprised at their view of the world and computers.

Where do I get 90%? The world has 6.5 billion people. How many nerds and geeks are there. That would make us less than 10% actually.

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