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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu "One of the benefits of the direction that's been taken with the next release of Ubuntu is that there is no longer a need for a separate netbook edition. The introduction of the new shell for Ubuntu means that we have a user interface that works equally well whatever the form factor of the PC. And the underlying technology works on a range of architectures including those common in netbook, notebooks, desktops or whatever you choose to run it on. Hence the need for a separate version for netbooks is removed"
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Netbook Interfaces
by Peter Besenbruch on Wed 9th Mar 2011 23:56 UTC
Peter Besenbruch
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I have replaced desktop machines with netbooks, as they are pretty nimble running Linux. The interface is a bit of a problem.

I had been a long time KDE3 user, and still use some of the KDE3 software via the Trinity project. KDE3 has a relatively small memory footprint by today's standards, and more importantly, it lets you customize individual programs to run without title bars, or window borders. That worked well, when combined with a hiding task bar, to maximize the usable screen real estate.

For desktop work now, I tend to use XFCE. It takes about 5 MB less RAM than KDE3, while offering most of the KDE features I was interested in. The one exception is the inability to remove title bars and borders. However, LXDE has that ability with the ALT-SPACE-D command. Hence, I tend to use LXDE when traveling, and XFCE when powering and external monitor.

Which brings me to the netbook/Unity interfaces. These let you see a lot of information in a small space, but I prefer hiding that information to gain the extra space on a netbook screen. I don't have much experience with the Unity interface, but the netbook interface isn't that great with larger screens.

I ordered a netbook from System76 that came with Ubuntu Lucid's netbook desktop. I'm still running Lucid, but it now runs XFCE. In the unlikely event that I ever take it on the road, I will add LXDE. The netbook interface isn't coming back.

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