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Microsoft The world's richest man talks about developing new drugs to combat AIDS, open-source software and why Microsoft's still cool after all these years. Gates: "We encourage everyone to develop in our environment. Free software's nothing new... There was an early browser, an early mail program. But as times moved on, it's been the commercial programs that get the support, get the richness."
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by Nex6 on Mon 17th Oct 2005 23:21 UTC
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This Boogles my mind, it really does. every post on every forum/news site always comes down to a flame war of the mindless.

and a large number of these mindless are some of the OSS zelots, now dont get me wrong , i love Linux, firefox and OSS. %but% i always use the best tool for the job period. and in the enterprise, blindly saying we must now use linux on all our servers and all our desktops becuase xyz is not only silly its stupid.

you use what ever is best, linux on webservers and DB servers, maybe some app servers. some windows IIS app servers. Windows AD domain with exchange, Linxu dev workstations windows XP pro workstations for users etc

this is not rocket sceince, and high school level IT does not work in an enterprise with 10,000 users


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