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Multimedia, AV The WebM project Blog has announced an update release of the VP8 Codec SDK codenamed the "Bali" release. The Bali release was focused on making the encoder faster while continuing to improve its video quality.
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"Essentially, as WebM evolves, movies will compatible with WebM-git-DATETIME, like HTML is moving to be. Let me first say, WTF? The community is updating quality and performance of VP8 encoder. It means it would still be backward compatible. Have you seen recent activity going on on Theora ? They are just upgrading code while keeping compatibility. It is same here, VP8 I mean.
The fact that there are about to be a bunch of hardware VP8 decoders means that they won't change the binary spec. They might be able to get away with it if it was only being decoded through software but you can't simply thrown away hardware every 6 months. "


There have been three releases of the WebM Project reference codec (called libvpx), those being the launch release, the Aylesbury release and just recently the Bali release, and they all use the exact same bitstream format. In addition, the ffmpeg project has released their implementation (called ffvp8), which is a different codebase. That too uses the exact same bitstream format. There are two hardware encoder/decoders shipping now (within the nVidia Tegra 2 platform and the ARM Neon extensions) that use the exact same bitstream format. WebM in Android 2.3.3 and Android 3.0 uses the exact same bitstream format. There are several hardware implementations becoming available soon, such as the Rockchip Rk29xx ARM SoCs and TI OMAP 4 and OMAP 5, which use the exact same bitstream format.

The bitstream format is frozen.

I simply cannot see what is apparently so difficult for some people to understand about such a simple fact.

I suspect they do understand it just fine, and that their actual desire is simply to spread FUD.

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