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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y If you were, you know, living your lives, you've probably missed it, but old fires are burning brightly once again: there's somewhat of a falling-out going on between KDE and GNOME, with Canonical siding squarely with... KDE. The issue seems to revolve around GNOME's lack of collaboration, as explained by KDE's Aaron Seigo.
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It Is To Laugh
by shollomon on Thu 10th Mar 2011 15:23 UTC
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The KDE Boss who told his user base to P**s off (You don't need no steenkin' desktop icons, among many other issues) when he introduced the worthlessness that was/is KDE 4x is lecturing somebody about working for the benefit of the users.

Seriously, the current status of linux desktops is they are building more and more baroque constructs on less and less solid foundations (not speaking of the Kernel here, but the underpinnings of KDE and Gnome). More bling, more regressions, random stuff not working that was working before. Every one wants to be a star, to introduce the next big thing, nobody wants to do the dirty work.

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