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Legal Well, how about some positive news to end this day? How about annoying the heck out of the Business Software Alliance? There's a new proposal for a directive on consumer rights in the EU, and in it, digital goods - software, online services, and so on - are explicitly defined as goods that are no different than any other good - like bread, watches, or cars. In other words, you would suddenly own the copies of software you buy, effectively declaring the EULA as a worthless piece of paper. Surprise - the BSA is not happy about this.
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RE[5]: Um, I disagree
by TheGZeus on Fri 11th Mar 2011 04:24 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Um, I disagree"
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Such and investigation (of a single event) can be a multi-million dollar proposition, and still might not uncover the cause.
There are _numerous_ debugging tools out there, and I can do a memory dump, if I must.
Do it with processor emulator and I can step at any speed I choose, pause, and inspect the state.

If the software allows, I can use standard debugging tools and step through the execution.

Yowza, you're ignorant.

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