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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y If you were, you know, living your lives, you've probably missed it, but old fires are burning brightly once again: there's somewhat of a falling-out going on between KDE and GNOME, with Canonical siding squarely with... KDE. The issue seems to revolve around GNOME's lack of collaboration, as explained by KDE's Aaron Seigo.
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RE[3]: Copyright Assignment
by jamboarder on Fri 11th Mar 2011 06:02 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Copyright Assignment"
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so... basically... they are doomed because they didn't accept the spec implementation based on licensing they couldn't agree with? or are they doomed because they didn't put work into creating spec implementation which they don't need?

ffs, isn't FOSS exactly about having choice? in your words, they haven't got one. wtf is wrong with the fact you deny developer right to his choice?

Oh please, that's meaningless strawman argumentation. No one's trying to deny any developer choice. The issue is quite simply the communication of those choices to others in the community who were demonstrably interested in improving the systray/notification area without break cross-desktop compatibility and while still allowing as much flexibility as possible. And no, no one can force them to communicate or implement anything they do not want to. But folks can certainly point out the accumulating consequences of this lack of communication and of the choices made.

The consequences are not just academic. In this specific case, there are real, practical consequences to app developers in the entire FOSS ecosystem. Many apps already designed to work with the spec won't work properly with GNOME shell's systray/notfication area. Apps designed to work with GNOME's systray/notification area won't work properly with other DEs systray/notification area. So sure, they can choose to do whatever they want and everyone else can just choose to suck it up and adjust once again to those choices in the name of practicality. However, I can hardly blame some folks for finally saying that they're a little tired of it.

Feel free to carry on huffing and puffing about your lawn though...

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