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Graphics, User Interfaces Over the past few decades, the software that enables us to be productive with our computers has become increasingly sophisticated and complex. Today's UI designers are faced with the challenge of devising graphical user interfaces that are easy to grasp and use, yet still provide access to a wide range of features. Here are some ideas about the nature of GUI complexity, followed by a couple of thoughts on simplicity that might just surprise you.
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RE: Joel & Google Docs.
by JulianFietkau on Fri 11th Mar 2011 21:22 UTC in reply to "Joel & Google Docs. "
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Ah, here we go, thank you. ;) I'd already started to feel light-headed from all the praise...

Re: Google Docs, this is probably a good point in time to admit that I've never used it very seriously and haven't created any real documents with it. So if you feel that I'm wrong, that's likely the reason, and in that case feel free to dismiss my opinion. Still, I'd like to clarify that I don't think Google Docs is necessarily more complicated or difficult to use today than it was three or four years ago, just that it is more complex because it has many more features than back then, today you can do much more with it. Hiding advanced features well enough is a viable option for coping with increasing functional complexity.

As for Joel Spolsky, I didn't intend to frame him as some sort of ultimate authority. He simply wrote something that fit very well into the article, and (I am taking him at face value here) he has several years of experience doing what he does at least semi-successfully. The quote in the article was not intended as religious dogma, but as an illustration of my point. I didn't make my intentions clear enough in that regard, sorry for that.

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