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GNU, GPL, Open Source "Now that Linux is the most popular free Unix-like operating system, it shouldn't be a surprise that some projects have begun treating non-Linux operating systems as second-class citizens. This isn't out of contempt for the BSDs or OpenSolaris, it's just a matter of limited manpower: if almost all the users of the application have a Linux operating system and if all the core developers are using Linux themselves, it's difficult to keep supporting other operating systems. But sometimes the choice to leave out support for other operating systems is explicitly made, e.g. when the developers want to implement some innovative features that require functionality that is (at least for now) only available in the Linux kernel."
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Gibberish few people can understand, or non-gibberish few people can understand, but has the chance of being translated?
Which of these sounds worse?

Seriously, google translate can do better than some of these people...

I put quite a bit of effort in to anything I write, so that what I mean is clear. If I'm posting something in, say, Japanese, I take a good deal of time to make sure I'm using words that pertain to the subject at hand, and that my grammar isn't borked beyond understanding.
It's plain rude to expect people to sift through garbage to find what you mean. I wouldn't do it to anyone else, nor will I tolerate it.

If one refuses to post anything intelligible, be it in English or otherwise, then they shouldn't post anything whatsoever.

Hell, have someone translate it for you.

If someone came up to you and started angrily shouting gibberish at you, you'd tell them to fuck off.
If they were _polite_ and were speaking gibberish, and you spoke 4 languages, you'd ask what their first language was, so you'd have a chance of understanding what they were trying to get across.

This humanoid is _trolling_ and making zero valid points, and I'm still offering to hear them out.

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