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Graphics, User Interfaces Over the past few decades, the software that enables us to be productive with our computers has become increasingly sophisticated and complex. Today's UI designers are faced with the challenge of devising graphical user interfaces that are easy to grasp and use, yet still provide access to a wide range of features. Here are some ideas about the nature of GUI complexity, followed by a couple of thoughts on simplicity that might just surprise you.
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by another_sam on Sat 12th Mar 2011 15:38 UTC
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i like the number 7, the logarithm, and spheres.

the number 7 because it is the maximum number of items I can stare at without panicking.

the logarithm because N menu items with N menu-subitems each, M times, will deliver you N^M options at just M clicks. eg: 49 options at just 2 clicks.

spheres because they balance the effort equally across all its surface just as UIs should balance the effort of the user across the time: frequent actions should consume best interaction resources (items on primary screens, shorter shortcuts on keyboard, ...), infrequent actions should not.

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