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Hardware, Embedded Systems Leo Apotheker has big plans. HP (relatively) new CEO wants to transform the company, and is willing to break with almost everything his predecessor Mark Hurd set out. How about webOS on every computer shipped by HP?
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RE[2]: recompiling...uptaking
by PlatformAgnostic on Sat 12th Mar 2011 23:48 UTC in reply to "RE: recompiling...uptaking"
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While switching architectures is non-trivial at the application layer, it's not as bad as you make it sound. Especially once the application has been "broken loose" from its original platform of development. Areas where you might expect trouble are apps that use highly-optimized or machine-specific code for various purposes (audio and video codecs spring to mind, Microsoft Excel is another example actually since it uses an optimized calculation engine), and apps that do complex multi-threading (using exotic synchronization). It's a bigger deal when going for 32 to 64-bit architectures.

Aside from these cases, it really is just a recompile away and some testing and a few targetted bugfixes at issues which were never problems on previous architectures. Switching OSes is a far bigger deal.

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