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In the News "A major new report from a consortium of academic researchers concludes that media piracy can't be stopped through 'three strikes' Internet disconnections, Web censorship, more police powers, higher statutory damages, or tougher criminal penalties. That's because the piracy of movies, music, video games, and software is 'better described as a global pricing problem'. And the only way to solve it is by changing the price."
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RE: generation 'entitlement'
by gnemmi on Tue 15th Mar 2011 02:08 UTC in reply to "generation 'entitlement'"
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So what... a ferrari sports car is ten times more expensive in poor countries relative to income. Does that mean that the ferrari is incorrectly priced?

That logic doesn´t apply to "luxury" items, wich by the way, are even taxed differently ...

... and just in case you want to know, make Ferraris ten times more expensive in the states and all you´ll get will be: a huge drop in Ferrari´s selling numbers.

Screw this line of reasoning that you should be entitled to buy stuff at the price point you can afford. If you can't afford it, you can't afford it. End of story.

... apparently it is not the end ... it seems like ppl doesn´t end it in there, they just buy pirated copies, or get them via p2p ...

Why does OSnews keep putting the problem with the producers, and portray the consumers (pirates included) as the victims here?

Technological improvemens changing ppl life, changing markets, businnes models, businnes strategies ... ?

idk .. maybe when the light bulb got invented, candle makers went down in flames ...

No, you're not entitled to watch any blockbuster movie you fancy at a price point of your liking.

It appears to be that we are past the times of "entitlements" ...

You're not entitled anything at all other than your basic human rights, which does not include affordable consumption of hollywood produce.

Seems it doesn´t work like that anymore ...

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