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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y And over the weekend, the saga regarding Canonical, GNOME, and KDE has continued. Lots of comments all over the web, some heated, some well-argued, some wholly indifferent. Most interestingly, Jeff Waugh and Dave Neary have elaborated on GNOME's position after the initial blog posts by Shuttleworth and Seigo, providing a more coherent look at GNOME's side of the story.
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RE[5]: F**k this shit!
by nt_jerkface on Tue 15th Mar 2011 02:15 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: F**k this shit!"
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Please go and look how you do fully functional real-time support on Windows.

I think you exaggerate this feature as you have in the past but even at face value it means nothing to 99.9% of corporations or users.

Also a lot of crashes on windows can be traced to kernel mode driver conflicts. Yes there is not magic.

Linux is more likely to crash from driver conflicts, especially if it is related to video. Just ask Thom.

There are cases of Windows 7 SP1 destroying stored data on harddrives that do directly track to black box + black box equal o my god data loss.

Haven't heard of that. But I do know about the data loss issues with EXT4.

nt_jerkface your argument against Linux in a lot of ways is baseless. Main reason why Linux does not have many commercial apps is market-share nothing else.

Commercial apps like VMServer that have been broken with kernel updates.

As I have pointed out before the iphone had better commercial software support when it had 1/10th the marketshare of Linux. Linux could be more appealing to proprietary software and hardware developers but the people behind it simply don't give a shit. They value open source ideology over market share. That's a fact, not an opinion.

But keep defending the status quo. MS would be upset if Linus & co decided to provide a platform that was proprietary friendly. They like how Linux stays ideological and at 1%. You probably deserve a few dozen copies of Windows 7 for all the defending you do of the status quo. That and a mac mini from Apple.

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