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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y And over the weekend, the saga regarding Canonical, GNOME, and KDE has continued. Lots of comments all over the web, some heated, some well-argued, some wholly indifferent. Most interestingly, Jeff Waugh and Dave Neary have elaborated on GNOME's position after the initial blog posts by Shuttleworth and Seigo, providing a more coherent look at GNOME's side of the story.
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RE[2]: F**k this shit!
by dneary on Tue 15th Mar 2011 10:24 UTC in reply to "RE: F**k this shit!"
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Yep, well, go tell that to Dave Neary. He now apparently doesn't think D-Bus is important, after years of work, and doesn't think that applications should be able to communicate with one another.

Yes, that's my position. Applications shouldn't be able to communicate. I've been telling Linus for years that we don't need semaphores or shared memory in the kernel too.

Please, if you're going to contribute to a discussion, can you at least try to add to it, rather than subtract?


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