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Internet Explorer Yes, yes, yes - that's what you get for releasing Internet Explorer 9 in the middle of the night, Microsoft! A post on OSNews that's late! I'm sure that'll teach you. Anywho, as you may have noticed, Microsoft is back in the browser game - Internet Explorer 9 has been released.
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RE[2]: Not going back
by systyrant on Tue 15th Mar 2011 20:44 UTC in reply to "RE: Not going back"
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Maybe I wasn't clear in the way I said it. I don't think Microsoft has an obligation to support IE 9 on XP. I'm not deamonizing them for not doing it. I'm simply suggesting that IE 9 growth will be stunted because it's not supported on XP and will give other browsers even more opportunity to gain market share.

I expect probably all computers with Vista and 7 on them to get IE 9 at some point.


That second part you lost me. I said competition is good and you more or less repeated my sentiment and then said my attitude is what caused the IE problem in the first place. Then you went off about how everybody is targeting webkit. As far as I'm aware IE has it's own render engine, Firefox has it's own, Chrome has it's own, Opera has it's own. Safari and Konquerer use Webkit. So I'm not real sure where you are actually going with that.

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