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Hardware, Embedded Systems "While Intel may already be worried about ever gaining a foothold in the mobile chip market. ARM is starting to push into the high-end server market too with news of a 480-core, low power server in the works. The company behind the new server is a data center startup called Calxeda. Its focus is on building a processor platform that will have a significant impact on IT costs and energy consumption. They go so far as to claim a factor of 10 reduction in costs and a 5x, or even 10x performance gain over what is currently available."
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by rexstuff on Wed 16th Mar 2011 05:20 UTC in reply to "feed meeee"
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Well, I guess that would depend on the throughput of the whole system. If 480 ARM processors are only as fast as a handful of x86 cores, your memory bandwidth should prove no more a bottleneck. The article is sadly lacking on details such as clock speed, etc.

The nice thing about it is that it would offer a great deal of flexibility depending on how parallelizable your code is. Nobody's claiming you have to use all 480 cores at the same time; you could turn off half or more of them if that's all you can use, if your memory bus proves inadequate for your current task.

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