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Benchmarks A comment on the recent article about the Bali release of Googles WebM tools (libvpx) claimed that one of the biggest problems facing the adoption of WebM video was the slow speed of the encoder as compared to x264. This article sets out to benchmark the encoder against x264 to see if this is indeed true and if so, how significant the speed difference really is.
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But yes, they do. 99% of SoC chipsets on mobile devices these days are capable of encode and decode. Any mobile device recording video is doing encoding.

Which they do through hardware, so the speed of libvpx isn't important to this discussion. The solution to this is simply to update the hardware being pushed out in these devices, something which Google has apparently convinced all the hardware manufacturers to do. It will take probably 2 years before that support is truly widespread, but it's coming.

As for WebM, repeat after me: WebM SoC/DSP acceleration is not yet widely available. Right now it is completely irrelevant to even attempt to assert that CPU usage is less than H264 when H264 devices are using SoCs/DSPs with no battery drain.

Quite correct. h.264 will be far superior on mobile devices until this is rectified. This will happen, the only question is how long it will take.

Last, we can fight about this all day but the only real thing that counts is that consumers don't care as long as their content can be recorded and viewed without problems. WebM has a long way to go.

Agree again. Consumers don't care, they just want their video to work. People like Eugenia are not typical consumers (at least not typical web video consumers) - she tends to lean more towards the professional side which makes her think that certain h.264 attributes are important when most people don't care one way or the other. Like the VHS vs Betamax wars, where one was obviously superior to the professionals, but was completely abandoned by the market anyway.

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