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Benchmarks A comment on the recent article about the Bali release of Googles WebM tools (libvpx) claimed that one of the biggest problems facing the adoption of WebM video was the slow speed of the encoder as compared to x264. This article sets out to benchmark the encoder against x264 to see if this is indeed true and if so, how significant the speed difference really is.
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RE: Sad...
by konfoo on Wed 16th Mar 2011 20:45 UTC in reply to "Sad..."
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I prepare to be modded in to oblivion, safe in the knowledge that this entire comment section is bullshit between whiney little bitches.

Indeed. Obsessed with one-upping, instead of listening to people who just may have been doing this slightly longer than they have. But you don't have to have time in the actual field measured in decades to be an internet expert these days, just the ability to search google.

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