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Benchmarks A comment on the recent article about the Bali release of Googles WebM tools (libvpx) claimed that one of the biggest problems facing the adoption of WebM video was the slow speed of the encoder as compared to x264. This article sets out to benchmark the encoder against x264 to see if this is indeed true and if so, how significant the speed difference really is.
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by galvanash on Wed 16th Mar 2011 23:32 UTC in reply to "RE: Nice"
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Same setup, only change is the source is 1280x720 and the bitrate is set to 2000.


Commandline: x264.exe -o sintel_trailer_2k_720p24.mp4 sintel_trailer_2k_720p24.y4m --profile baseline -B 2000 --preset slow --threads 1 --psnr

Avg PSNR: 53.647
FPS: 7.23
Filesize: 10702KB
Actual Bitrate: 1678.26Kbps


Commandline: vpxenc.exe -o sintel_trailer_2k_720p24.webm sintel_trailer_2k_720p24.y4m --good --cpu-used=0 --target-bitrate=2000 --end-usage=0 -p 1 --psnr

Avg PSNR: 52.067
FPS: 3.35
Filesize: 10118KB
Actual Bitrate: 1548.36Kbps


Encoding speed relative to x264 stays about the same (this is much better than previous versions of webm at this resolution). Quality is a mixed bag. Webm looks much better during low motion scenes (detail is higher), but suffers during high motion (smearing). Overall quality is about the same imo.

Ill do a full battery of tests offline (multi-threaded too) and put a comparison together with graphs and links to the output files. Will probably take me a few days.

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