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Qt When Microsoft and Nokia announced Nokia's move to Windows Phone 7, most people assumed the worst for Nokia's stewardship of the open source Qt, and indeed the company quickly sold its Qt licensing interests to Digia. But it looks like the company still has plans for Qt - and for the Symbian OS. Aaron Seigo, a Qt hacker employed by Nokia, told blogger Brian Proffitt that "Nokia is predicting over 150 million Symbian devices still to come" and "I think they've underestimated the longevity of Symbian".
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by diegocg on Wed 16th Mar 2011 23:39 UTC
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I think they overestimated Symbian. And that was why MeeGo was so late, apparently they believed that Symbian was good enought to keep Nokia on top of the market while they developed Meego. But Android was too fast...

As for the 150 million Symbian devices that are going to be sold: They are low-end phones, the Symbian market will only shrink until it dissapears/become completely irrelevant. iPhone and expensive Android phones, on the other hand, have a future. Symbian will only be bought by people that don't have a lot money to spend on apps (if they had money they would buy a middle/high-end smarthphone, not Symbian). So Symbian app development is not going to be very interesting. And ultimately it will need to compete against cheap androids and the android market...

I'm not very optimistic about QT as a major mobile development platform. All the major phone manufacturers are doing iPhone,Android or windows phone. QT could be used to develop iPhone/Android-NDK apps, but everything else seems to be covered.

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