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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y And over the weekend, the saga regarding Canonical, GNOME, and KDE has continued. Lots of comments all over the web, some heated, some well-argued, some wholly indifferent. Most interestingly, Jeff Waugh and Dave Neary have elaborated on GNOME's position after the initial blog posts by Shuttleworth and Seigo, providing a more coherent look at GNOME's side of the story.
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RE[3]: Duck and Cover
by allanregistos on Thu 17th Mar 2011 08:43 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Duck and Cover"
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As a user, it looks like to me that GNOME simply can't stand Ubuntu going with Unity - and that's fine. You have the right to be unhappy with this. However, fighting this out in a way that hurts users is bad - and antithetical to the values of Free/open source software. This is behaviour I come to expect from Apple and Microsoft - not from the Free software community.

I agree. During my reading of all the related blogs (except for the witch hunt), my conclusion is not favourable to the GNOME camp. It is sad because I always prefer GNOME over any desktop.

On the positive side, it is helpful for the reason that it awakens me and informed me as a user for this whole collaboration issue and its impact to me as a user. If every DE in the FOSS world collaborated with each other in the past, I may be getting an awesome and innovative desktop today, and it may help me as an application developer to develop application faster using the innovative development tools available as a result.

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