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Legal And so Sony's crusade against Playstation 3 hacker George "Geohot" Hotz continues. After Sony getting all of Geohot's computers and access to server logs and personal details from many of his websites and social media accounts, Sony has now been given access to Geohot's PayPal account, and all information within it - including of the people he has had financial dealings with.
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Comment by FunkyELF
by FunkyELF on Thu 17th Mar 2011 14:43 UTC
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This is what gets me. If someone with a license buys a gun in the US, and then goes on to shoot up his school, is the gun shop liable? If someone buys an axe at the hardware store and goes on a brutal killing spree, is the hardware store liable? If Hotz enables benign features, and someone else runs with his work to enable cheating and piracy, is Hotz liable?

Sony will ask a question like this though...
If someone does 99% of the work required to enable piracy and leaves the 1% to someone else, are they liable?

They will try to downplay the Homebrew and make it look as though he was trying to enable piracy all along. Its hard to differentiate the two since its actually the same work.

Hopefully his past experience with jailbreaking the iPhone will show that his motives actually were homebrew and not piracy.

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