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Internet Explorer Yes, yes, yes - that's what you get for releasing Internet Explorer 9 in the middle of the night, Microsoft! A post on OSNews that's late! I'm sure that'll teach you. Anywho, as you may have noticed, Microsoft is back in the browser game - Internet Explorer 9 has been released.
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Oh the Fanboy's come out!
by marcus0263 on Thu 17th Mar 2011 21:12 UTC
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First off I use Linux mostly, but I also use Win7 and to be honest Windows 7 is the reason I did start using Microsoft again. Like Windows 7, IE9 is an excellent release and is honestly the best MS has put out to date. Yes it has issues and IMO the best OS is Unix, then Linux and then Microsoft. I dispise Mac even though they based OSX off of NetBSD, they perverted it IMO. But hey, that's my "opinion" based on my own needs.

In any case, use the best tool to fit your needs, give MS a bit of credit for FINALLY getting off their collective ass's and at least making an attempt at supporting standards. With their history though I'm curious on "if" they keep it up, but give credit where credit is due.


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