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Debian and its clones Writing about Debian is not a simple thing. You know it's the giant that has spawned pretty much every other distro out there. It's almost like a Roman Empire, almost a taboo. Furthermore, it's not a desktop distro per se. It's more sort of a template you use to build your platform. It's also a SOHO server distro, therefore it more fits into the business category, comparable to CentOS and similar.
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by Morgan on Fri 18th Mar 2011 03:09 UTC in reply to "Comment by muszek"
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Debian puts a strong emphasis on free software. If your NIC has only proprietary drivers, then its not supported out of the box.

I know I'm repeating myself, but I feel the need to point out that both wireless devices I use have fully open source drivers and are supposed to have native support in the kernel for some time now. Ubuntu recognizes and autoconfigures them, Slackware recognizes them and allows me to manually configure them without issue.

However, Debian Squeeze tells me that I don't even have a wireless device installed with either one plugged in. I can see them enumerated in dmesg, but any attempt to make them do anything is met with null. I could understand if they only worked in Ubuntu and not Slackware, but if Slack picks them up and Debian doesn't there must be something gravely wrong with Debian.

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