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Debian and its clones Writing about Debian is not a simple thing. You know it's the giant that has spawned pretty much every other distro out there. It's almost like a Roman Empire, almost a taboo. Furthermore, it's not a desktop distro per se. It's more sort of a template you use to build your platform. It's also a SOHO server distro, therefore it more fits into the business category, comparable to CentOS and similar.
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As stated so well the author of this article, it is difficult to criticize Debian. Without incurring the wrath of fans maniac Debian.


Freebsd has the same problems as Debian. Lots and lots of attention but in the end who really install and use. Except the fans. Which represents only a small number of people in the world of PC.

I suppose you mean "Debian zealots"
I haven't met many of them, I have met by far more other distros' zealots, since I use Linux (8 years).

Debian as FreeBSD? I don't see how. Debian has had, since Sarge, an installer with hardware auto configuration. Besides without Debian how many Linux distros wouldn't exist? More than half.
FreeBSD has only one derivative of some relevance, PC-BSD, which is 23rd at DistroWatch.
Debian itself is 4th at DistroWatch, thus it can't be such crap, nor it can be used only by a few zealots.

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