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Google "At Google we're constantly trying to make the web faster - not just our corner of it, but the whole thing. Over the past few days we've been rolling out a new and improved version of show_ads.js, the piece of JavaScript used by more than two million publishers to put AdSense advertisements on their web pages."
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Shady adds
by geleto on Fri 18th Mar 2011 06:58 UTC
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A few days ago a friend got infected because I've sent him a link to a download page (not a pirate site) that happened to have an ad with a huge "Download" button on it. Point taken - in future whenever I help some less security savy friends secure their computers - installing AdBlock will be a must.
Still a lot of sites rely on add revenue, so I would be ok if there was an option to block only the obnoxious and shady ad sources.

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