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Google "At Google we're constantly trying to make the web faster - not just our corner of it, but the whole thing. Over the past few days we've been rolling out a new and improved version of show_ads.js, the piece of JavaScript used by more than two million publishers to put AdSense advertisements on their web pages."
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However, have you actually considered it from the other side? Somebody needs to pay for hosting, and generate the original content that you're consuming.
It's a hallmark of this entitlement generation that gosh, I want something, so I should have it, and for free!!!

Or maybe somebody doesn't need to pay for hosting.

It's a hallmark of this entitlement generation that gosh, I want to run a website, but I shouldn't have to pay for my hosting!!!

Think about how hard searching the web is now, because you have to fight through 20 of the same content re-posted on 20 different websites, because they all want the ad revenue; the domain parking sites; the keyword spam pages; etc. Do we really need someone to be paying for those?

Maybe if no one finds your "original content" worth paying for, including yourself, that's saying something. ;)

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