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Legal And so Sony's crusade against Playstation 3 hacker George "Geohot" Hotz continues. After Sony getting all of Geohot's computers and access to server logs and personal details from many of his websites and social media accounts, Sony has now been given access to Geohot's PayPal account, and all information within it - including of the people he has had financial dealings with.
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Why California instead of New Jersey?
by UltraZelda64 on Fri 18th Mar 2011 21:08 UTC
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The one thing I still don't understand is why Sony is so hell-bent on suing GeoHot in California instead of NJ. I mean, seriously--would it even matter if the case was transferred to some totally non-related state like Texas or Louisiana or something? And his sites are on the Internet--chances are he got visitors form those two states as well, plus probably almost every other state in the US and many countries around the world, so now what? Sue him in every state? I'm pretty sure Slashdot also linked to his sites a couple times, making far more people aware.

So what is Sony afraid of? Losing? Saving tax money by suing in their own state? Making it even harder for GeoHot to win by causing him to have to pay even more in legal fees? Keeping this lunatic for a judge they've got licking their balls? Something else? Or some/all of the above?

Seriously, I'm just hoping GeoHot wins, but Sony hasn't even got to the whole f***ing point of their lawsuit yet, and it's getting annoying. It looks like they're trying to drain him of money. And they've got a dickheaded judge siding with them every step of the way.

Go GeoHot--F*** Off Sony. Never owned a PS3, never will. This whole thing makes me glad I've been anti-Sony and avoid their products whenever I can since I was around 15.

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