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Apple The past few days have seen a stink regarding web applications on iOS. El Reg ran a story about how web applications launched from iOS' homescreen ran significantly slower than when ran inside mobile Safari. As more details emerged, it became clear this wasn't a deliberate move by Apple - but rather an implementation issue.
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Comment by kaiwai
by kaiwai on Fri 18th Mar 2011 23:49 UTC
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What?! The Register talking out of their ass - wow, that's gotta be a first *rolls eyes*

Come on, really, the number of people citing The Register article as some sort of 'final say' when it comes to all things related to IT makes me cringe. The Register is little more than a glorified set of Slashdot posts being paraded as articles with the comments section being no better than clicking onto a Glenn Beck/O'Reilly fan forum (if such an entity exists).

The forum itself is a massive echo-chamber where the moderators only allow the views they agree with being approved before being posted. I've signed up and posted a couple of replies (in the comments section) pointing out where the article writers were incorrect (in a polite way) and found that my comments are never accepted - god forbid someone actually writing a constructive critique of where the article went wrong!

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