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GTK+ I've been ragging on GNOME a little bit lately, so let's balance things out by talking about something I found quite fascinating: the Gtk+ HTML back-end. This will enable you to run any Gtk+-application inside Firefox 4.0 (only Firefox 4.0 is supported at the moment).
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Web apps basically come in two flavors: public, like Facebook, and private in-house apps.

Apps like facebook won't be based on this because it will never run decently on the majority of browsers. Even if we take IE6 out of the equation, which is not yet done today. There are more modern solutions to web app development that do not lack the problems of boatloads of PHP and JS that work cross-browser (Wicket being my favorite).

Private in-house apps don't suffer from this problem, as you can usually count on a single browser to be used everywhere. And let's for a second assume that there are no other forces that prevent this from being Firefox 4. Then there is no reason not to write such applications as Java applets, which is much much easier and works flawlessly.

The only web-app case I could imagine would be already-existing GTK apps.

However, I could very well imagine this as a replacement for X11-over-SSH, as others already said. At least until using an X11-capabale SSH client is a no-brainer on all platforms.

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