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Mac OS X "A commercial ZFS solution is (still) coming to Mac OS X, thanks to former Apple filesystem and OS engineer Don Brady (who previously worked on the abandoned internal Apple project to port ZFS). Brady and his company, Ten's Complement, just launched a limited private beta in hopes to have the software polished and ready for a summer launch this year. Ars spoke with Brady, who has a long history engineering filesystems for Mac OS and Mac OS X, to find out a little about his previous work with ZFS at Apple, and what Mac users can expect to gain from Ten's Complement's port of ZFS."
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In any case, I am not convinced that ZFS would be the perfect fit for a client OS that is increasingly focused on mobility. However, it would be nice if HFS+ could be further revamped with the addition of COW, checksums, snapshot, encryption (It appears the latter two are coming to Lion. Although Versions may not be implemented at the file system level) and other features useful to a mobile user, while avoiding the overhead of ZFS.

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