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Apple The past few days have seen a stink regarding web applications on iOS. El Reg ran a story about how web applications launched from iOS' homescreen ran significantly slower than when ran inside mobile Safari. As more details emerged, it became clear this wasn't a deliberate move by Apple - but rather an implementation issue.
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Comment by some1
by some1 on Sat 19th Mar 2011 16:14 UTC
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> iOS, however, does not allow memory pages to be marked as executable.

If that was the case, it won't be able to execute any code. iOS doesn't allow making *writeable* pages executable.

> UIWebView they did not make this exception. It would defeat the purpose of the App Store review process.

How so? The only C code that runs there is Apple's C code. You can run the very same app from Safari with JIT.

The reason probably is that exception for Safari is a quick hack, and Apple didn't want to do this for anything else.

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