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Mac OS X "A commercial ZFS solution is (still) coming to Mac OS X, thanks to former Apple filesystem and OS engineer Don Brady (who previously worked on the abandoned internal Apple project to port ZFS). Brady and his company, Ten's Complement, just launched a limited private beta in hopes to have the software polished and ready for a summer launch this year. Ars spoke with Brady, who has a long history engineering filesystems for Mac OS and Mac OS X, to find out a little about his previous work with ZFS at Apple, and what Mac users can expect to gain from Ten's Complement's port of ZFS."
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by s_groening on Sun 20th Mar 2011 14:17 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Will definitely buy..."
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MCX is already done on Linux, by utilizing the Apple schema with OpenLDAP installations.

You can quite easily use Apple's Workgroup Manager tool to maintain a Linux-based OpenLDAP installation with the Apple schema applied, so there's even a GUI managing the clients.

NetInstall/NetBoot is basically a PXE boot method for Macs based on nfs + bsdp + dns + tftp.

This can be setup on Linux as well.

Softwareupdates might be impossible to implement directly, although it's basically an Apache 1.3 with a cgi script querying Apple's servers for software updates, caching these locally and allowing clients to browse its catalogs via http.

A clever proxy setup might be able to cache files on a separate server so that every update only needs to be downloaded once; the next client asking for this file at Apple's would get the local cached version instead.

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