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Debian and its clones Writing about Debian is not a simple thing. You know it's the giant that has spawned pretty much every other distro out there. It's almost like a Roman Empire, almost a taboo. Furthermore, it's not a desktop distro per se. It's more sort of a template you use to build your platform. It's also a SOHO server distro, therefore it more fits into the business category, comparable to CentOS and similar.
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debian squeeze
by vtired on Mon 21st Mar 2011 18:00 UTC
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I am using this debian squeeze thing on all my three computers desktop, notebook and netbook but I consider myself lucky not to have experienced the said problems in installation. If I had I wouldn't be using it because I wouldn't have known how to solve them. I am a newbie. The only problem I had was not knowing where to install the grub2 thing on the netbook. It was being installed on the same flash drive that I was using to install and later the netbook wouldn't boot. From the forums they told me how to go about it. On the desktop the ethernet card seemed to be having problems. I was told to give it static ip address and seems to be behaving well.
For my needs debian squeeze is better than Lenny because I can get things like rednetbook from the repositories and my usb mobilebroadband modems are readily picked by network manager.
And actually came to debian because I want one conservative easy to use ( apt-get) distro after doing two years of hopping.

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