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Debian and its clones Writing about Debian is not a simple thing. You know it's the giant that has spawned pretty much every other distro out there. It's almost like a Roman Empire, almost a taboo. Furthermore, it's not a desktop distro per se. It's more sort of a template you use to build your platform. It's also a SOHO server distro, therefore it more fits into the business category, comparable to CentOS and similar.
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He chose to do it all the hard way.. I'm surprised he didn't base the review on the text installer interface instead of hte GUI overlay.

I don't even install Windows with the expectation of wireless right off the bat. The wifi manufacturers have insured that it's a mess to deal with. His wired nic should have been detected without a hickup. dhcp would then have had his network config'd without a second hickup. He may have also considered using the isntaller image that actually included the non-free firmware; if there was a firmware for his wifi NIC, it should have been there.

(I do think that Debian should include more driver and firmware support by default but it's never been hard to deal with when drivers/firmware are not included initially by default.)

He's had other reviews recently which where equally as bent on finding fault rather than providing constructive critisism though which casts this one in a poor light from the onset for me.

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