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Legal Microsoft is claiming that Android infringes its patents, and has chosen Barnes and Noble, which is using Android for its e-reader, as a target for its ire: "The Android platform infringes a number of Microsoft’s patents, and companies manufacturing and shipping Android devices must respect our intellectual property rights."
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RE[2]: Strategic lawsuit
by Praxis on Mon 21st Mar 2011 21:32 UTC in reply to "RE: Strategic lawsuit"
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They like to sue people unlikely to fight back, Google would fight a suit to the bitter end, because if they give it would seriously undermine confidence in their product, and they generally have the legal and technical knowledge of their stuff needed to fight back, buy suing the hardware manufacturers one at a time, they reduce the chance anyone fights back.

The patents they are asserting right now seem to cover:
• Give people easy ways to navigate through information provided by their device apps via a separate control window with tabs;

• Enable display of a webpage’s content before the background image is received, allowing users to interact with the page faster;

• Allow apps to superimpose download status on top of the downloading content;

• Permit users to easily select text in a document and adjust that selection; and

• Provide users the ability to annotate text without changing the underlying document.

Is it just me or do these feel kinda weak, there has to be prior art somewhere or the full patent has to be ridiculously narrow. I can see why they don't take this directly to Google, Oracles case seems much more fundamental and dangerous.

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