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3D News, GL, DirectX The community-created Nouveau driver that's open-source and is written by clean-room reverse-engineering the NVIDIA binary display driver, has reached a serious milestone. For low-end NVIDIA GPUs, the Nouveau driver based upon the Mesa Gallium3D architecture is now as fast, or even faster, than NVIDIA's official proprietary driver.
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I can't wait till I can read reviews of a decent modern graphics card working fully with open source drivers. There is a risk in running a proprietary graphics driver that a kernel update or xorg update can leave you without GUI and that just isn't acceptable. I remember a few years back the first thing I did after getting the system working nice with proprietary graphics was lock down all the kernel, xorg, and graphics packages so they couldn't update. I had broken too many installs and not taking patches if I wanted 3d became the norm. It seems like things are better now, but I know that I'll feel safer when my drivers are open source.

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