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GNU, GPL, Open Source The GNU Project has announced a new project called GNU Free Call, an open source Skype alternative that will offer anonymous VoIP and will use the GNU SIP Witch server as the back end. GNU SIP Witch requires a minimum of system resources so it can be used on cell phones too so it seems the goal is to provide a cross-platform application, the immediate target most probably being Android.
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RE: SIP standard
by Timmmm on Mon 21st Mar 2011 23:09 UTC in reply to "SIP standard"
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I agree. And SIP will never take off because it is simply too complicated. First you have to choose a SIP provider from the swathes of near-identical companies, and their many fronts.

Second it's nearly impossible to get your caller ID to display your existing real number. At least with the Android SIP clients I've tried, it simply doesn't work.

Third, as you mentioned there's the whole NAT issue, I think this isn't too bad due to STUN servers being standard. But it isn't ideal.

Fourth, this may be just android, but I have no idea how to actually call a number (or address) using the built in SIP client! As far as I can tell there is no easy way to do it -- the dialer certainly can't. The only way is to set it to ask you for *every call* whether or not to use SIP. Which gets annoying fast.

Finally -- and this is the real reason I don't use it -- the latency is simply too high. I never got lower than about a second round-trip, which is pretty terrible compared to GSM.

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