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3D News, GL, DirectX The community-created Nouveau driver that's open-source and is written by clean-room reverse-engineering the NVIDIA binary display driver, has reached a serious milestone. For low-end NVIDIA GPUs, the Nouveau driver based upon the Mesa Gallium3D architecture is now as fast, or even faster, than NVIDIA's official proprietary driver.
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RE: Good news, but
by GatoLoko on Tue 22nd Mar 2011 00:02 UTC in reply to "Good news, but"
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There's a few things that I wonder about: will Nouveau ever get CUDA support or is there something barring that, and since OpenGL 2.1 is seriously outdated what is needed for newer versions to be supported?

I'm not sure about CUDA, but OpenCL is a possibility, someday, in the future, maybe. Adding support for a new Gallium state tracker is "relatively easy", and there is some work going on to make an OpenCL state tracker, so if it reaches an usable state, nouveau may be able to support it.
There is another driver forked from nouveau, that aims to support GPGPU: pscnv
Their objectives are very different than those of nouveau, but they seem to be collaborating with each other.

As for OpenGL there is a bigger problem, patents. Some parts of newer OpenGL are patented, and can't be distributed freely, as is the case for S3TC (S3 Texture Compression). There is a discussion in the Mesa mailing list about adding support for patented stuff, and disabling it by default, so whoever wants to use it, has to compile and enable them specifically, but even if that's the case, most linux distributions would leave them disable due to possible legal issues.

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