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Google Does Google's Android violate the GPL? This bold claim is being made by Edward Naughton, and was picked up here and there across the web. The problem seems to be that Android's Bionic, a glibc alternative, supposedly violates the GPL by stripping the Linux kernel header files of all comments and other extraneous information and relicensing them under a more permissive license so that non-GPL programs can be written. Bradley Kuhn, former FSF executive director and expert on GPL violations, believes the claims are way overblown.
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Question is a complex one.
by oiaohm on Tue 22nd Mar 2011 00:42 UTC
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Issue is macros and inline.

If headers only include structs and function calls including it the license of the header does not effect the rest of the work. In the USA atleast.

Note those items are still copyrighted by the first copyright holder.

Now if the headers contain macros and inlines copied across they are active code. No different to linking a .c file into your binary that is GPL if you use them.

Few legal problems stripping of copyright notice very much like Novell did with BSD and paid a high price. 2 it was a program that processed the data. Legally if program processing the data has not been ruled if that resets copyright.

Yes if I type a new copy of the struct and the interface functions even if it looks the same since I typed it the copyright is mine. Legally is a computer program allowed to also do this. Has data processed by a program changed copyright.

Because this does open up some scary facts if it does.

One of the issues being argued over in the Orcale case against Google on java is the use of decompliers and its effect on copyright.

Technically Orcale lose and we might be legally allowed to used a decomplier to pull programs to bits and rebuild them under a different license.

This is a true pandora for copyrights of mixed works as well.

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