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Legal Since competing on merit is looked down upon in the computer and software world, companies in this business usually go for the blindfolded chick with the scale and sword. Up until recently, Microsoft didn't go for the whole patent litigation thing, but now that they've tasted some, they want more. They just sued Barnes & Noble, Foxconn, and Inventec for patent infringement because they use Android.
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by allanregistos on Tue 22nd Mar 2011 02:52 UTC in reply to "Front page"
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"We already have a page 2 item about this, but I think this is important enough to be on the front page.

1. The case will be thrown out
2. It will be settled out of court, and probably 'for an undisclosed sum'.

So how does this DIRECTLY affect you and me? Answer: it doesn't. In fact, I can't remember the last time I was impacted by a patent lawsuit in a way that I actually noticed it.

Naive. You will be affected directly through *pricing*, note *pricing*.
For example, an ereader from them worth $100 SRP will be modified to accomodate the tax/royalty imposed by Microsoft to them. If MS will require B&N $5 for every device, then B&N will sell you the ereader for $105 or more instead of just $100. It is a modern and legal way of getting money from device manufacturers under the pretext of providing better services to investors and consumers, with only *saliva* (also known as lawyers) as their investment. This is a big insult to Android developers and Google.

This is exactly Microsoft telling you that they own the design of your Android phone, telling you that if you tap a tab in your phone just to view a web content, that wonderful experience was due to Microsoft's innovative technology, and you can't freely implement that without paying Microsoft since they *patented* it first regardless if that thing/experience is obvious. The worst thing is that MS here is directly extorting the consumers literally, since B&N would just pass the imposed royalty aka protection racket money to the consumers.

This will stifle innovation and increase the prices of Android gadgets.

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