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Legal Since competing on merit is looked down upon in the computer and software world, companies in this business usually go for the blindfolded chick with the scale and sword. Up until recently, Microsoft didn't go for the whole patent litigation thing, but now that they've tasted some, they want more. They just sued Barnes & Noble, Foxconn, and Inventec for patent infringement because they use Android.
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RE[7]: Patent Infringement
by lemur2 on Tue 22nd Mar 2011 04:39 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: Patent Infringement"
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"If the patent claims get thrown out, as there seems at first galnce to be a very good chance
These companies will no doubt mount a legal defense, and they'll have an opportunity to have the patents nullified. But I wouldn't bet on it. "

It may be cheaper for Barnes&Noble to simply do as HTC did, when faced with similar outrageous claims from Microsoft.

Doesn't make it right, only means it is cheaper for Barnes&Noble.

Microsoft are almost betting on this, because then Microsoft can take the "high moral ground" in their FUD PR campaigns. This would be the whole reason for Microsoft doing things like this claiming of extremely weak patents. Sooner or later it will turn aoround and bite them.

"... then Microsoft is a sitting duck for tortiuous interference and antitrust counterclaims.
Given that you're not a lawyer and what you've just typed is utter bullshit, I can only laugh at you. This is the equivalent of monkeys throwing shit against the wall in hopes that something will stick. "

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