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Google And so the story regarding Android supposedly violating the GPL continues. Linus Torvalds has responded to the story in his usual straightforward manner - he thinks it's "totally bogus". In the meantime, Groklaw - not exactly my favourite place but alas, good points are good points - found out that the IP lawyer who started this story, Edward Naughton, used to be a lawyer for Microsoft in dozens of cases, a fact he tried to erase from his online resume.
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Just because
by tuzor on Tue 22nd Mar 2011 14:02 UTC
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So wait one second, does it make his accusations any less credible because he has been involved with MS (and is probably trying to hide it)?
All this proves is that he has a clear motive but it doesn't make him wrong.

Torvalds is probably right and this is probably a waste of peoples time, however your arguments are flawed as usual.

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