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3D News, GL, DirectX The community-created Nouveau driver that's open-source and is written by clean-room reverse-engineering the NVIDIA binary display driver, has reached a serious milestone. For low-end NVIDIA GPUs, the Nouveau driver based upon the Mesa Gallium3D architecture is now as fast, or even faster, than NVIDIA's official proprietary driver.
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RE[2]: Awesome news for Haiku
by BiPolar on Tue 22nd Mar 2011 14:22 UTC in reply to "RE: Awesome news for Haiku"
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May I join the party? I have a K7 Thunderbird @ 900 MHz, 256 MB of RAM, now coupled with a GF4MX 4000 (after years of waiting.... I have finally played HL2 and Doom3!).

I multiboot between WinFLP, Haiku R1, and a couple of BeOS partitions (one from 2002).

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