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GNU, GPL, Open Source The GNU Project has announced a new project called GNU Free Call, an open source Skype alternative that will offer anonymous VoIP and will use the GNU SIP Witch server as the back end. GNU SIP Witch requires a minimum of system resources so it can be used on cell phones too so it seems the goal is to provide a cross-platform application, the immediate target most probably being Android.
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Over Promise, Under Deliver
by johjeff on Tue 22nd Mar 2011 16:08 UTC
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I love Linux. I love BSD. I love FOSS. I love everything open source ... but I get sick of these "developers" that promise the sky and deliver mud. How is this any different than all the other projects that seek to accomplish the same thing? None of them approach Skype in UI, performance, or quality. That doesn't say much for the Open Source Projects that want to duplicate Skype since Skype has some problems of it's own.

Isn't Ekiga supposed to do this? What about Linphone, qutecom, kphone, ihu, twinkle, etc.? What about the now swallowed by Google Gizmo5? Instead of bragging about something (that has nothing more than an announcement behind it) being a Skype replacement, maybe they should lower their sites and make an Ekiga replacement. They'd have a better chance of succeeding and not being laughed at when their beta comes out - which is probably as far as this thing will get.

Here's hoping they make a liar out of me! Cheers!

PS - do you think it will run on Hurd?


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