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Debian and its clones Writing about Debian is not a simple thing. You know it's the giant that has spawned pretty much every other distro out there. It's almost like a Roman Empire, almost a taboo. Furthermore, it's not a desktop distro per se. It's more sort of a template you use to build your platform. It's also a SOHO server distro, therefore it more fits into the business category, comparable to CentOS and similar.
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I don't think it's even complicated enough to require child forks. If one wants a curated liveCD install then choose the liveCD install disk. Don't complain when a completely different type of install behaves differently from a liveCD image.

I think the real issue that started this whole article and discussion was blindly grabbing an install disk based on a guess then taking issue with the distribution when the reviewer's blind guess was incorrect. It's kind of like buying a VW Bug to take the family on campign trips with then complaining because it doesn't hold six people comfortably or do a good job of pulling the a camper behind it. Well duh.. neither of those are part of it's design in the first place.

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