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GNU, GPL, Open Source The GNU Project has announced a new project called GNU Free Call, an open source Skype alternative that will offer anonymous VoIP and will use the GNU SIP Witch server as the back end. GNU SIP Witch requires a minimum of system resources so it can be used on cell phones too so it seems the goal is to provide a cross-platform application, the immediate target most probably being Android.
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skype alternative
by ecruz on Tue 22nd Mar 2011 18:33 UTC
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Is this another one of those great GNU programs that never get finish and just wander around the Internet never coming to consumers? Does that remind you of some big GNU project? Does the Hurd comes to mind?

You think people would move from Linux to the Hurd even if it was finish today? I don't think so. GNU people are not relevant anymore, they just have enough of a voice to be contrarians!

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