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Google And so the story regarding Android supposedly violating the GPL continues. Linus Torvalds has responded to the story in his usual straightforward manner - he thinks it's "totally bogus". In the meantime, Groklaw - not exactly my favourite place but alas, good points are good points - found out that the IP lawyer who started this story, Edward Naughton, used to be a lawyer for Microsoft in dozens of cases, a fact he tried to erase from his online resume.
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RE[5]: Six degrees
by allanregistos on Wed 23rd Mar 2011 01:22 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Six degrees"
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Hey, I don't have to call it a conspiracy theory if you prefer, as long as osnews is honest enough to actually say what they mean themselves rather than implying things. An equally valid interpretation is that Microsoft requested not to be listed in his CV since they didn't want to be associated with the current stupidity.

Your a double standard. You accuse the author of "implying things" while also suggesting "an equally valid interpretation" is also possible "WHERE" your "equally valid interpretation" falls into the same "implied things" in which you are the accuser. Which means you will do also what the author have done: "implying things" and your version is favorable to Microsoft.

Please prove me wrong. I mean, you are suggesting that the author must also do the exact opposite of his opinion by implying that it is possible for Microsoft to ask the lawyer to remove the name Microsoft on his bio. But alas, this is "his" bio, and he must be free enough to quote any company he associated with in the past. I think it is possible for MS to do that "request" but with the recent events, if you were right in your "equally valid interpretation" then it is close to a "conspiracy theory" to scare Android device manufacturers.

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