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Benchmarks A new set of x264 and vpxenc encoder benchmarks have been published. The new benchmarks address many of the concerns raised in the comments about the methodology used in the previous article, such as using SSIM for quality measurement. Theora is also included in these tests.
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Good set of benchmarks
by WereCatf on Wed 23rd Mar 2011 23:42 UTC
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I found this quite enlightening. It still doesn't answer every question I might have, but then again, you can't expect a benchmark to ever answer every possible question.

As for the results: vpxenc is still under heavy development but it's very promising to see that as of now it matches x264 baseline in SSIM-quality. Considering how young the encoder still is this promises lots of optimization potential is still left, both quality- and speedwise!

What's interesting is how poorly Theora performs. Many enthusiasts have been hailing Theora as the best open video codec for a good long while now, but it gets totally trumped on by both the contenders here even though the encoder is already quite well-established.

Anyways, I have to congratulate vpxenc devs on a good job and I hope to see more improvements coming soon. It is awesome to have an actually great open video codec that challenges H.264 quality-wise!

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