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Benchmarks A new set of x264 and vpxenc encoder benchmarks have been published. The new benchmarks address many of the concerns raised in the comments about the methodology used in the previous article, such as using SSIM for quality measurement. Theora is also included in these tests.
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RE[3]: Too little too late
by lemur2 on Thu 24th Mar 2011 00:45 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Too little too late"
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What trolling you tool. It's hard facts, I apologise if this is too difficult for you to grasp. WebM is inferior in most ways and it arrived too late. H265 is a fact an in development for a long time now. Would love some info on your part about a VP8 successor.

There is only one factor in which x264 beats WebM and that is encoding speed. Most people would use a video encoder once in a blue moon ... so in practice this simply means that if you want your occasional video encoded in WebM at the same quality as you would have had with x64 you will have to wait a little longer for it to encode. Depending on the size of the video clip, this could mean a minute or so of your time.

Meh. Big deal.

If you encode the video clip in h264 instead and put it on a website, you could be up for thousands of dollars in license fees.

Worse: If you encode the video clip in h264 instead and put it on a website and you don't get a license, you could be up for hundreds of thousands in fines and court costs.

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